2 Things Every Male Over 35 Needs to Know About Nutrition

The other day I jumped on the phone with one of my clients, let’s call him John, for a check in call just to see how he was going and if there was anything I could help him out with.

He’s still quite a ‘fresh client’ meaning I’ve only been helping him for a couple months so there’s still plenty of things to work on.

John stated that what worked for him years ago, in terms of his diet, simply doesn’t work anymore now that he’s hit the age of 35.

And after many Google searches, conversations with friends and reading fitness magazines, he’s still very confused about what to eat to lose the gut, tone up and support his fitness goals.

If you too have found the same problems since approaching or ticked over the age of 35, I can assure you that you’re not alone.

The funny thing is nearly every male I’ve worked with over the years has stated to me at some stage that once you hit 35 things started to go downhill very quickly.

And there’s a reason behind this madness…

Muscle and metabolism.

I’m not going to confuse you with complicated theories. But I will tell you this so you understand…

As you approach the age of 35 you start to lose muscle more rapidly. Because of this your metabolism slows down and that’s why you can’t get away with what you use to do back in the day.

Lucky for you, I’ve worked with tons of guys over the years, and there are 2 things I know for sure about nutrition for males over the age of 35 that helps you slow down the ageing process so you can look and feel great…

1. Get More Meals Right Throughout The Day

I’m not talking about eating 6 meals a day – I don’t even recommend that anyways.

I’m talking about your current meals.

Most guys that come to me asking for help with their nutrition usually eat the 3 standard meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is fine.

But they generally only get 1 out of those 3 meals correct.

For example…

They have a good breakfast, but screw up lunch and dinner.

Or they have a good lunch but mess up their breakfast and dinner.

Or they don’t have breakfast, which makes them binge at lunch but their dinner is fine because their wife controls that.

To me a healthy meal that supports a 35 year old male wanting to turn back the clock should consist of 3 keys…

3 Keys to a Perfect Meal

1 – Protein

2 – High omega 3 fat

3 – Carbohydrate in the form of fruit or vegetable

Like I said most guys get this right at least once per day.

Naturally if you make the other two meals in your day, regardless which ones they are (breakfast, lunch or dinner) you’re going to be looking and feeling great.

How do you do that?

Simple. Take 20 minutes out of your day to prepare your meals for tomorrow.

Tip: prepare the food when you’re NOT hungry, that way you’ll make rational decisions that work in favor of your goals.

2. Variety And Room To Move Is Key For Permanent Success

John was very surprised with how much variety and room they have to play with once I layed out his nutrition plan.

When I asked him why his response was that he thought he had to eat celery sticks and carrots for the next 21 days.

Like most guys, they look to a strict, short term diet to shed unwanted weight, then when they hit their goal, go back to their bad habits they had before.

Then of course, they put all the weight back on again.

So yes, eating celery sticks and carrots for 21 days will work. BUT on day 22 you will slowly start to gain the weight back on.

I try to teach all my clients, both male and female, that losing fat and improving health isn’t an 8 week program – funny thing is nearly every personal trainer in the south eastern suburbs tries to sell these kinds of programs to you.

So Where Do I Start?

Start with #1 tip I gave you in this article.

Take 20 minutes out of your day, when you’re NOT hungry, to prepare your meals for tomorrow and focus on getting more meals right in the day. Ideally 3 for 3.

Forget about carrots and celery sticks for a meal and pay attention to the 3 keys to the perfect meal – protein, high omega 3 and carbohydrates from fruit and vegetables.

Once you do these things and come to an agreement that your nutrition needs to be implemented as part of your life design and that you can’t eat like you did when you were 18 years old, the journey becomes much more easier.

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