37 Quick & Easy Ideas to Help You Avoid Junk Food

This is a blog post by Boronia Personal Trainer, Grant Lofthouse

Do you want more energy so you can get more out of your day?

Are you fed up with ‘falling off the wagon’ and find it hard to stay on track when it comes to your clean eating lifestyle?

After working with hundreds of clients and having many nutrition consultations over the years. I’ve come up with some pretty quick and easy ideas to help you change your eating habits and avoid eating junk food so you can tone up, lose fat and boost your confidence.

If you can apply these to your life you will find your goals a lot more achievable.

Tips to Change Environment

1. Eat all home based meals in one designated place.

2. Eat meals without any kind of distractions (TV is usually the biggest one here).

3. Plan all meals for the next 3 days, and make sure you look for any obstacles that may disrupt your 3 day eating plan.

4. Instead of snacking between meals try different kinds of tea (chai, green, cinnamon etc.)

5. Shopping: plan ahead, have a list and shop when you aren’t hungry. Also, only buy what is on the list.

6. Store or throw away junk food from sight, store healthy snacks in direct eyesight. If it’s there, whether it’s good or bad, you will eat it.

7. If take away is a problem, then avoid it by driving different routes.

8. Get other people involved with both food preparation and cleaning = less time around food and the kitchen.

9. Use cues to remind you about your goals, pictures on fridge, before photos on pantry, have goals listed near bed.

Food Preparation Tips

10. Eat pre-planned food that is healthy, filling and is made to taste better.

11. Focus on eating fibre rich food = fuller for longer.

12. Use fat reducing strategies: limit oil, cook with non-stick pan.


13. Have quick healthy snacks available if you’re not going to have access to food for a while. Protein shakes work like a gem in these situations.

14. Cook extra and store to be used later.

15. Focus on specific portion sizes or do portion reducing strategies: smaller plates/bowls, cut portion in half, share with someone if eating out, entree not main course.

Eating and Drinking Behaviour Tips

16. Drink large glass of water before a meal.

17. Put cutlery down in between bites.

18. Focus on the actual food when eating.

19. Eat the salads and vegetables first to fill you up before the other stuff.

20. Use a food diary and journal properly.

21. Asses if you are hungry or just bored or upset, and do something else instead of eating.

22. Eat slowly by chewing the food more.

Things to Do to Take Your Mind Off Food

23. Take a relaxing bath or shower.

24. Ring a friend.

25. Take the dog for a walk.

26. Look at your previous photos and measurements to see how far you have come.

Speaking Of Before and After Pictures...


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27. Meditation.

28. Get started on fixing that cupboard, doing the lawns, washing the car.

29. Play with your kids.

30. Write in a journal.

31. Take time to think about goals and beliefs.

32. Read motivation material.

33. Get out of the house and perform an enjoyable activity/hobby.

34. Listen to music.

35. Visualize how you will look once at your goals.

36. Brush teeth early so that you are less likely to eat.

37. Visit a friend, but warn them to put away all their food and to avoid offering you any.

Bonus tip: coffee is a huge appetite suppressant.

Ok there you have it, there’s my 37 tips to help you change your eating habits and avoid eating junk food so you can tone up, lose fat and boost your confidence.

I encourage you take a few tips from today’s post and apply them to your lifestyle.

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