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Ferntree Gully personal trainer

From Strength to Strength

Meet our client of the month, Kim. Since Kim began training with us, we have seen her go from strength to strength. She possesses a ‘never give up’ attitude, and her willingness to give everything a go is inspiring. Kim is fondly referred to as ‘Ninja Kim’ by her training partners; she earned this title…

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The Quiet Achiever!

Meet our client of the month, Michael. Since Michael began training with us, we have seen him achieve some awesome results! His pure determination and commitment to training are the driving forces behind his achievements. Having had a shoulder injury in the past, Michael makes sure that he is the first to arrive at the…

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She’s Lost 5 Kilos Since Last Year!

Meet our client of the month, Lauren. Since Lauren began training with us, we have seen her achieve some fantastic results. To put things into perspective, Lauren is a very busy mum of two, and runs her own business. She is constantly juggling the demands of her busy life, which leaves her little time for…

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How To Deal With Haters

Last week I talked about something that had nothing to do with heath and fitness. It seemed to resonate with a ton of people. I posted the video above. I talked about … * Where haters come from. * Why they act like crabs (the creature, not the other thing lol). * What to do…

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Bayswater personal training

The Secret To Health & Fitness Success

This is a blog post by Bayswater personal trainer, Grant Lofthouse This video walks you a major key to health and fitness success. You can watch it above. I think you’ll really enjoy this, as it’s an insight I received from one of my clients that’s been working for her. Enjoy! Grant

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She’s Lost 5.5 Kilos!

Meet our client of the month, Allison. In the short time that Allison has been training with us, we have seen her achieve some amazing results.  In fact, in 6 weeks, she has lost a total of 5.5kgs! Allison is always first to show up to training and with her she brings a positive attitude. …

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rowville personal trainer

How To Build Super Woman Strength

This is a blog post by Rowville personal trainer, Grant Lofthouse I thought I’d let you know that I have a new article out in the latest Women’s Health & Fitness magazine. You see, I’ve been working with one my clients to help her build her deadlift. And it’s been working really well (almost too well).…

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