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boronia personal trainer

A Bunch Of Random Chin Up Tips

This is a blog post by Boronia Personal Trainer Grant Lofthouse Ok girls, part 3. By the way, if you have missed part 1 and 2 here they are… Part 1: Turn Heads On The Pull Up Bar Part 2: 2 Tips to Improve Your Chin Ups In this video we’re going to cover some…

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bayswater personal trainer

2 Tips to Improve Your Chin Ups

This is a blog post by Bayswater Personal Trainer Grant Lofthouse We have a little term in the RKC and that is… In order to press a lot you need to press a lot. This rule also applies to your pull ups, that being… If you want to do lots of pull ups you need…

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rowville personal trainer

Turn Heads On The Pull Up Bar

This is a blog post by Rowville Personal Trainer Grant Lofthouse There’s nothing more impressive than seeing a girl at a gym bang out sets of pull ups for reps. If you also want to turn heads every time you jump up on a pull up bar, but you’re not quite there yet, then I’ve…

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ferntree gully personal trainer

Melbourne Weather and 4 Band Glute Exercises

This is a blog post by Ferntree Gully personal trainer Grant Lofthouse It’s all about the tush, derriere, caboose, unit, booty, moneymaker, hiney, bum, fanny… Whatever you wana call it 😉 Here’s 4 band exercises that do the booty good so you can turn heads in those jeans. Oh also, in the beginning of this…

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She Is An Absolute Pocket Rocket!

Meet our client of the month, Kirstin. Since Kirstin began training with us, we have seen her energy levels increase, and her motivation grow. It takes a certain type of person to consistently rock up to training at 6:15am – this person is Kirstin, not even the frosty winter mornings could stop her. She is…

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Sneaky Secret to Toned Arms

Nope. It’s not more biceps curls… It’s not more reps… And it’s got nothing to do with more sets either. In fact, it’s quite the opposite… In this short video you will discover a sneaky secret that will help you develop toned arms. Take this secret – that not many people know about – apply…

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Rowville personal trainer

3 Nutrition Keys Most Females Have Forgotten

by Rowville personal trainer Grant Lofthouse This list will probably sound too simple and easy to be so important to your health and nutrition. Fact is, these are the 3 keys I start all my clients on when they first walk through my doors simply because they have probably forgotten them. But don’t take my…

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