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2 Things Every Male Over 35 Needs to Know About Nutrition

The other day I jumped on the phone with one of my clients, let’s call him John, for a check in call just to see how he was going and if there was anything I could help him out with. He’s still quite a ‘fresh client’ meaning I’ve only been helping him for a couple…

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5 Ways to Start a Clean Eating Lifestyle (For Women)

I understand that change, especially when it comes to your eating habits and lifestyle, is difficult. Despite your good intentions, committing to a clean eating lifestyle can be very frustrating. Especially when you have to balance work, kids, husband/partner, house stuff and then finally yourself (notice how you’re placed last on the list). You may want…

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His Strength Has Gone Through The Roof!

Meet our client of the month, Luke. Since Luke began training with us, we have seen his strength go through the roof! Luke can often be seen pushing or pulling a fully loaded sled up and down the gym, squatting the 48kg kettlebell beast, or benching some pretty impressive weights. What we never see is…

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He Hasn’t Missed a Beat!

Meet our client of the month, Richard. Since Richard began training with us, he hasn’t missed a beat! In fact, he has only ever missed one session. Richard came to us without any prior fitness knowledge or background, but this has never stopped him or held him back, from giving 110% effort each and every…

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Rex ‘Leg Man’

Meet our client of the month, Rex. Since Rex began training with us, we have seen his strength increase, and his motivation skyrocket. At the gym, Rex is fondly known as the ‘Leg Man’, not only for his strength, but also for his pure determination to pump out an amazing number of reps with an…

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Scott Simply Comes in and Gets the Job Done

Meet our client of the month, Scott. Since Scott began training with us, we have seen his strength and motivation go from strength to strength. Scott is always the first to show up to training and with him he brings a positive attitude. He rarely misses a session and consistently puts in 110% effort. He…

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Jasmine is a flat out ‘no excuses’ kind of girl!

Meet our client of the month, Jasmine. When work got in the way of her training, she didn’t stop and give up, instead, she changed from training in the morning session to training in the evening session. Not many people are willing to change their whole daily routine, however, Jasmine is an exception and she…

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