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1 Simple Tip to Avoid Junk Food

This is a blog post by Bayswater Personal Trainer, Grant Lofthouse In this video you are going to learn how to avoid junk food once and for all. But more specifically… – 1 simple tip to avoid junk food. – The single biggest mistake people make when trying to avoid junk food. – The healthy…

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The New Rules for Weight Loss Goal Setting

This is a blog post by Rowville Personal Trainer, Grant Lofthouse The #1 reason why you are not achieving your weight loss goals is probably because you’re not setting them correctly. In the video above that I put together for you, you will discover… – The new rules for weight loss goal setting to give…

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37 Quick & Easy Ideas to Help You Avoid Junk Food

This is a blog post by Boronia Personal Trainer, Grant Lofthouse Do you want more energy so you can get more out of your day? Are you fed up with ‘falling off the wagon’ and find it hard to stay on track when it comes to your clean eating lifestyle? After working with hundreds of…

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How to Stop Emotional Eating (In 3 Steps)

This is a blog post by Ringwood Personal Trainer, Grant Lofthouse A client of mine by the name of Gordana came to me with good intentions to change the way she looked and felt. But no matter how good her intentions were, even if she was training like a beast in the gym. She always kept…

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