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His Strength and Motivation Has Gone Through The Roof!

Meet our client of the month, Dean. Since Dean began training with us, we have seen his strength increase and his motivation go through the roof! Dean juggles a busy lifestyle; he not only works odd hours, but he also manages the responsibilities that come with having a young family.  However, Dean rarely misses a…

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My Problem With Weight Loss Challenges

There’s a good reason why we don’t do weight loss challenges at CHT. In this short video I’m going to reveal to you why you shouldn’t take up a weight loss challenge and what to do instead to guarantee permanent success. Enjoy! Grant

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Super Proud Of This Dude!

Meet our client of the month, Andrew. Since Andrew began training with us, we have seen him go from strength to strength in both training and mindset. His results are testament to his hard work and determination. One of Andrew’s most admirable qualities is his positive attitude. He turns up to every session pumped and…

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Ferntree Gully Personal Trainer Reveals His Nutrition Secret

There are a lot of diet plans and courses out there that tell you what to do to get great results.   So you go to the grocery store, buy all the food from the shopping list and go home to prepare your food for the week — just like what the plan told you to do.…

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You DON’T Have A Motivation Problem

I was talking with one of my girls the other day about our Case Study Program. I asked her about her situation to see if I could help. She said, “Grant, I don’t have the motivation right now, like I’m not in the right mindset.” That’s what she felt her issue was. Yet, once we…

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From Strength to Strength

Meet our client of the month, Kim. Since Kim began training with us, we have seen her go from strength to strength. She possesses a ‘never give up’ attitude, and her willingness to give everything a go is inspiring. Kim is fondly referred to as ‘Ninja Kim’ by her training partners; she earned this title…

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The Quiet Achiever!

Meet our client of the month, Michael. Since Michael began training with us, we have seen him achieve some awesome results! His pure determination and commitment to training are the driving forces behind his achievements. Having had a shoulder injury in the past, Michael makes sure that he is the first to arrive at the…

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