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A Deadly Combination That Stops Fat Burning

This is a blog post by Bayswater personal trainer – Grant Lofthouse

And here’s the transcript from the video if you prefer to read 🙂

Kitty cats, what’s going down? Grant Lofthouse here from Bayswater personal training

I had a coaching call the other day with someone who is struggling with their weight loss at the moment.

After asking them a few questions I narrowed it down to two things that were sabotaging their results.

1. Boredom
2. Hunger

When these two combine together it’s game over if you want to lose weight – regardless of how much will power you think you have.

After digging a little deeper I found the route to the problem…

He was relying on small snacks between his meals.

For example…






There’s nothing wrong with snacks BUT if you’re going to snack, you gotta do it right.

In his case he was only having one piece of fruit and it simply wasn’t enough to get him through to his next meal. So when it came time for lunch or dinner he was starving and would eat anything and everything in sight.

Experiencing the same issues or something similar? Here’s what I told him and what I want you to do…

Stay away from hunger.

Makes sense right? Also easier said than done LOL

Remember about 5 years ago the big craze was to eat 6 meals a day? ‘They’ claimed that it elevated the metabolism. Every Bayswater personal trainer I can think of recommended this (by the way it’s not true).

But, what it did do was help people stay away from hunger pains. And if you’re not hungry you’re able to make healthy, goal orientated decisions.

You’ll find that the only time you ‘stuff up’ on your diet is when you’re either hungry, bored or both.

Soz, I can’t help you with the boredom thing 🙂

But I can with hunger. You’ve got 3 options to fix this…

1. Eat 3 bigger main meals and skip the snacks all together.

2. Eat 3 normal size main meals and bigger snacks.

3. Eat 4 normal size meals and skip the snacks all together (this is what I personally do and would recommend).

Another tip I’d also recommend is to never prepare food when you’re hungry – another danger zone.

Always try to have 1-2 meals prepared in advance so if you ever get hungry out of the blue you have something you can eat instantly.

I’ve rarely even seen someone with a 6 pack who simply ‘wings it’ when it comes to their food. At the end of the day solving 90% of your diet issues will always come down to preparing your food.

And if you do, you’ll stay clear from the deadly combo 🙂

Talk soon,


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