Busy Mum of 2 Smashes Her Goals

Meet our client of the month, Jess.

Since Jess began training with us, we have seen her mindset and her body totally transform.

To put things into perspective, Jess is a busy working mum of 2 small kids and like all mums is time poor.

However, being time poor has never stopped Jess from striving to achieve her goals as she rarely misses a session, is 100% dedicated to her training, and never gives into excuses.

Jess’ dedication is testament to her amazing results.

Within a few short months, we have seen Jess drop 2 dress sizes and lose 15 cms from all over her body.

With pleasure, we have watched her smile and confidence grow to a point where she looks and feels fabulous.

Currently, her strength and lifts are improving with each session and her energy levels are skyrocketing.

One of Jess’ most admirable qualities is the fact that she is always a positive presence during training sessions.

She encourages her training partners to reach for their goals, never lets anyone give up, and never complains.

In fact, her positivity extends far beyond the gym, as she motivates her training partners to partake in other physical activities such as climbing the 1000 steps on Sunday mornings.

Jess has truly become a much loved member of the CHT family and is a pleasure to train.

For these reasons and many more, Jess has been honoured as our Client of the Month.

We are really proud of her!

Congrats, Jess!

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