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Grant:  Ready? Not ready? Hey, what’s up? Grant Lofthouse here. Today, I have Michelle. Michelle has been with me for how long?

Michelle:  Nearly two years.

Grant:  Nearly two years. The first question I have for her is, if you can remember two years ago, why you are first looking for a personal trainer?

Michelle:  I was looking for a personal trainer to help me with the issues that I had with myself both the way I looked and mentality as well. I was looking for someone who would support and guide us, and who knew what they were talking about, because there are so many people out there that don’t, and you just don’t get the results that you need.

Grant:  And what were some of the things that you weren’t happy with?

Michelle:  With the other trainers?

Grant:  With image and the things that you said in terms of the mentality and that sort of stuff?

Michelle:  Like every girl, you have an idea in your head of the way you want to look and the way you want to feel, and feel comfortable in your own skin. I just did not feel that at all.

I felt very uncomfortable, very unhappy, and unfortunately just the psychological pattern ended up getting to me pretty badly. It is when I decided that I needed to get some help, and try and find someone who could help me get to where I wanted to be and the way I wanted to look, yes.

Grant:  Okay, so in the last two years where have you seen improvements?

Michelle:  Everywhere, so my whole—everything has changed from my legs to my arms, my chest I can see changes, just from head to toe.

Grant:  What sort of size—I know we talked about dress size the other day.  What dress size were you previously like two years ago?

Michelle:  I was an 8.

Grant:  And then what size are you now?

Michelle:  A 6.

Grant:  A 6, okay. Now, what are some of the things you enjoy about training here as opposed to the public gym?

Michelle: The Ferntree Gull personal training sessions are fantastic. I mean you get the one-on-one. You get the support of a trainer. Nobody is talking about—24/7 if you have got any questions or help, you’re always there.

It’s a smaller group and you are not intimidated by big buff people and girls being fully made up, just being intimidated in general. The larger gyms you get these big bulky guys.

You don’t know what you are doing on half of the equipment. You’re doing it wrong and you just end up hurting yourself in the end. You’re getting nothing out of it and you paid all this money for nothing.

Grant:  What were some of the things you tried in the past?

Michelle:  I tried—what did I try? I tried boot camp. I tried gym. I tried that for ages. It did not work.

I tried a one-on-one with a girl. I got minimal results, but I wasn’t seeing her enough and at the end I was just completely and utterly desperate and then I found you.

Grant:  Okay, cool. Now, let’s talk about exactly what you’re doing now. Tell them how many times per week you train here and obviously by yourself, and what sort of stuff you’re doing with your nutrition?

Michelle: At the moment, we’re training four times a week, which is fantastic. You can’t train anything less than three I’ve found, because you just don’t get anywhere.

Grant:  That’s four here though, yeah?

Michelle:  Yes.

Grant:  Yeah.

Michelle:  Everywhere else that I have been, I’ve only did it twice a week max, because that is all I could do.

Grant:  Sure.

Michelle:  I walk and run around during the week. I have another job as a waitress and that’s just an exercise in itself.

Nutrition is fantastic. I mean we sit down and we go through—it’s not planned down to a T, but you guide us on what we need to eat, when we need to eat, how much we need to eat, and it is something that you don’t get anywhere else.

Grant:   What are some of the biggest things you find you struggle with nutrition wise?

Michelle:  Not binging, so I have a tendency to be really really good and then I binge.

Grant:  Okay, and then what do think we’ve found some of the solutions to help with this binging?

Michelle:  Moderation, so trying to stick to it and if I have a down day, do some sort of exercise to counteract having to sort of, you know—

Grant:  The idea of food?

Michelle:  Yeah.

Grant:  Yeah, okay.  Okay, cool.

Michelle:  To have a treat.

Grant:  Yes, awesome. Now, last thing is if someone was skeptical about training here, what would you say to them?

Michelle:  Try it. You can’t lose anything unless you try.  I guarantee you’ll love it. The people here—the people that you train with are fantastic and supportive.

Grant is fantastic. I’ve never had a trainer so nice and actually caring. You know, he wants you to get those goals and he’ll help you in any way shape or form for you to get there, but the group is just fantastic.

Like everyone gets along. It’s happy. It’s fun. I’ve never had a bad session here in the two years that I’ve been here, and that’s with the standard big group that I was in and the VIP.

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