First to Arrive and Gives 100%

Meet our client of the month, Michael.

Since Michael began training with us, we have seen him achieve some impressive results.  He is always the first to arrive at the gym ready to give 110% effort.

Having had issues with his knees in the past, we have seen Michael not only be able to perform squats and lunges, but he is now performing them pain free.  This is due to his persistence and hard work; he is always willing to take on all advice given to ensure that his technique is perfect.

One of Michael’s most admirable qualities is the fact that he is a true team player.  He always encourages his training partners to reach their goals; he never gives up and can always be heard cheering everyone along even when he is completely gassed out.  Michael adds an element of friendly competition especially when it comes to the finishers.

Michael has become a truly valued member of Strength Squad, and he is a pleasure to train.

For these reasons, Michael has been honoured as our Client of the Month.

We are really proud of him!

Congrats, Michael.

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