Had to get this off my chest…

I’m writing this blog today on the 3rd of December.

This means you have 29 days left until the end of the year.

Crazy isn’t it?

You may be waiting for January the 1st because it’s when you are going to start your new year goal.

And that could be…

– Losing the first 5 kilos.
– Losing the last 5 kilos.
– Exercising more.
– Hiring a personal trainer.
– Eating better.

Whatever it may be. But you have a goal and you want to take the first step on Jan the 1st.

I understand why you may be waiting for New Years Day because December is one of the most busiest months in the year.

We have work break up, school holidays and Christmas shopping.

But, I’ve found that whenever we wait for a problem to go away, another one usually takes its place.

So although you may have more time come January.

Another issue will arise that will take over the ‘I’m busy’ problem you’re having right now.

And I have no idea what they issue may be. But it’s going to force you to hold off on your start date.

You may have to push it back to February.

But in theory, January’s problem will then get replaced by February’s problem.

And this will of course make you put your goal on the back burner once again.

It’s a never ending loop.

But what if you started today.

And I’m not talking about doing anything drastic.

You could start with…

– Going for an hour walk.
– Preparing a goal orientated meal instead of getting take out tonight.
– Reaching out to somebody and asking for help.

If you just do one of these things today, and then you continue tomorrow, and then next…

On New Years Day you’ve given yourself a 29 day head start.

Imagine this…

You, waking up NYD knowing that you have already been working towards your goal.

You feel great because unlike everyone else who waited for a particular date to start something…

You’ve already lost 3 kilos, or been eating better or exercising more etc.

Also, you’ve taught yourself to take action in one of the most busiest months of the year.

And now you know that every time a ‘problem’ arises you laugh and scoff at it because it doesn’t even compare to the craziness of December.

So invite you today to…

1. Start today.
2. Do something small.
3. Keep doing it for the next 29 days.
4. Avoid setting a New Years Goal because you have already been working towards it.

I hope this blog inspired you in some way or form.

I’d love to know if it did – email me at info (at) cardiohaters (dot) com.

Talk soon,


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