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His Strength Has Gone Through The Roof!

Meet our client of the month, Luke.

Since Luke began training with us, we have seen his strength go through the roof!

Luke can often be seen pushing or pulling a fully loaded sled up and down the gym, squatting the 48kg kettlebell beast, or benching some pretty impressive weights.

What we never see is Luke showing off; he is a quiet and humble achiever who gives each and every session 110% whilst always continuing to support his training partners.

One of Luke’s most admirable qualities is the fact that he never whinges, complains, or second guesses anything.

He is committed to training and always takes on all advice given.

Testament to Luke’s commitment is the fact that he turned up to training one night having sustained a football injury the previous day; he trained as per normal only to find out later that week that his injury was actually a cracked rib – not once did we hear him complain!

Luke has become a truly valued member of the Cardio Haters Training family, and he is a pleasure to train.

For these reasons, Luke has been honoured as our Client of the Month.

We are really proud of him!

Congrats, Luke.

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