How a Nurse, Single Mum and Rockstar Lost 6 Kilos

In this interview I did with Katrina, you’re about to discover how despite all her responsibilities – shift work (Nurse) and a single mum,  she is still able to come to my Ringwood personal training sessions a couple times per week and can still achieve results….

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Grant:  Hey, what’s up? Grant Lofthouse here. Today, I have Katrina. Now, Katrina has been with me—how long have we been together for now?

Katrina:  About 7 months.

Grant:  About 7 months, awesome. Now, she has got a really cool story, but before we get into that I want to ask her, why did you want a personal trainer in the first place?

Katrina:  I wasn’t getting results just doing classes at the gym. I just needed some proper techniques as well. I am pretty shy and so I decided to come here.

Grant:  Now, let us go into that story. So, you were at the gym. How long were you at the gym for? And why did you decided to leave the gym and come here?

Katrina:  I was there at least a year. I was getting no results at all. I was not being shown properly how to do things and I was worried about injuries. I just had no results whatsoever.

Grant:  Cool. So, since you have been with me, how have you gone?

Katrina:  Awesome. I have lost 6 kilos plus and I have learned to do things outside of here on my own, as well as take these here.

Grant:  So, have you get inured yet?

Katrina:  No, no injuries. I feel better than I have felt. I feel that I can do more activities, skipping, and things like that outside of here, and it is much easier than it was before. I have gotten stronger.

Grant:  Now, just for the people that are watching, what do you do? What is your daily job? Are you a mother?

Katrina:  I am a mother. I am a single mother. I am a nurse so I do shift work. I am a bit all over the place. I finish at 9:30 and start at 7:00 in the morning. My shifts are all over the place. Night duties, but I can still manage to make it here.

Grant:  Yes, that is it. So like again, just for people, roughly what are doing in terms of training with me? How often are you training with me? What sort of nutrition are you following? And, just a really quick and sort of general.

Katrina:  Okay, well I am two days a week here, Thursday and Tuesday mornings. Outside of here I skip a bit and I walk with my dog. I go out with my daughter and play and that sort of thing. Sometimes I will do the steps, up the actual steps, because I am worried about my knees.

Grant:  Yes, good.

Katrina:  Nutrition, I am just sort of following what you have taught me some of that is probably the Warrior Diet, and occasionally have cheats on the weekends.

Grant:  Exactly, cool. So, really simple yes?

Katrina:  Yes.

Grant:  Really basic. You feel that you can do this for a really long time as opposed to when you go to the gym you are like , “Ah, this kind of sucks. I am starving myself here or it is really restricting and what not.

Katrina:  This is more a lifestyle now and I think it is going to be long-term, well forever.

Grant:  Yes, wicked. Now the last question, what would you say to someone who is really skeptical about coming here?

Katrina:  I would say forget that. Put aside everything that you have learned at gyms or other places or experiences you have had, and just come here because it is different and better.

Grant:  Great job. So as you said, you lost 6 kilos. It has been what 7 months? She has just came back from holidays, and you know she has lost a kilo on holidays. Her measurements went up a little bit, but I mean what it was a two-week holiday?

Katrina:  It was a two-week holiday?

Grant:  It is not like she blew all the results out of the water. She has still got the results. She is still hanging on to everything, and we are still rocking and rolling.

Katrina:  I was still able to do things on the holidays even though I did not have the equipment, I was still able to do some of the similar stuff.

Grant:  Yea, that is awesome. Thank you so much.

Katrina:  Thank you.

Grant:  Guys, if you want to learn more about the group training simply just click the links below and I will speak to you soon.

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