I’m So Proud Of This Lady

12637075_10206709246547559_1817240360_o - CopyMeet our client of the month, Mel.

Mel began training with us last year and since then she has achieved some fantastic results.

She has become stronger and is transforming her body with each training session; her smile speaks for itself!

To put things into perspective…

Mel is a working mum of 3 young children and is busy juggling work, bringing up a family, and attending her children’s extra-curricular activities.

Most people would be left exhausted by the end of the day, but not Mel, she regularly makes it to training and with her she brings a positive attitude.

She is first to introduce herself to new clients and ensures that they feel welcome. She reassures them and dispels any anxiety that they may have.

Recently, when her training partner was having a bad day and felt like giving up, Mel took it upon herself to cheer her on step by step and simply wouldn’t allow her to give up.

She even reduced her own rest time to train with her, and cheered – ‘Come on! We can do it together!’

Mel is a real team player; whilst celebrating her own success, she is also genuinely proud of everyone else’s too.

If she is unable to train or test due to unforeseen circumstances, she still comes along and supports the rest of the group.

On one of our testing nights she got caught up in traffic and was unable to make it on time, however, she came still dressed in her work clothes and cheered the rest of the group on.

Not many people would bother turning up just to support others.

One of Mel’s best attributes is the fact that she never complains.

She takes on every session as a new challenge and does so with a positive attitude…

… she pushes herself to continuously improve, and along the way she has become a much loved member of our training family.

For these reasons and many more, Mel has been honoured as our Client of the Month.

We are really proud of her and I hope you can take some inspiration from her story.

You see, things weren’t all roses and rainbows for Mel.

As a matter of fact, she struggled with their waist line for 2 years due to the misinformation and dead end roads on her search for a fat-burning solution that really worked.

It wasn’t until she found and joined our program that she finally started seeing the results she was looking for.

I want you to experience the same success that Mel did so I would love to invite you down to our facility for a 6 week transformation.

We are looking for 10 people to take part in our next 6 Week Challenge to feel FABULOUS and look AMAZING.

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