One Meal Away

Every Friday at Strength Squad we having something called ‘Speed Coaching Day’, this is where a client can book a free 1-on-1 call with me to help them with anything they are struggling with so they can move closer and faster to their goals.

Last Friday I had a call with a client who felt like she had completely lost the plot with her nutrition.

She knows what she has to do – because I’ve taught her.

But implementing it was another story.

The problem was she felt like had completely blown all her progress from a ‘bad weekend’ and her perfect nutrition plan was miles away – like it would take her 3 months to get it right again.

Same with her training too – she felt that she was 6 months away from her best – where she’s setting PR’s and owning her program.

I told her something – that I wanted to share with you – that seemed to give her an ‘ah ha’ moment and put her back on track…

You’re just one meal away from getting back on track.

You’re also just one workout away from getting back in sync.

And you’re just one meditation away from clearing all your thoughts.

So whenever your fall off the wagon, don’t sweat it. You won’t lose all your progress from one bad weekend, just like you won’t see tremendous progress from one day of clean eating.

Remember you’re simply one meal or workout away from being back on the wagon and building momentum again.

Talk soon,


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