Personal Trainer Bayswater Interviews Sciatica Sufferer

Hey, what’s up? Grant Lofthouse here from Cardio Haters Training. I am here with one of my clients, Mohit. Mohit, has been with me for over 4-5 months. I am just going to ask him some questions to help you get inspired and achieve your goals…

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Grant:  So Mohit, why did you want a Bayswater personal trainer in the first place?

Mohit:  I found that after years at the gym with kind of mediocre results, I was after a new motivation to workout in a group so that I was motivated by others around me.

Grant:  Cool. What have you found to be the difference between training at the gym versus training here?

Mohit:  The major thing is how Grant is continuously observing us and assessing our form. If we are doing something wrong or if we could do something better, he is there to give us that feedback and we can really maximize our session and each exercise really by getting that feedback continuously.

Grant:  That is good, because I did not pay you to say that either, did I?

Mohit:  No.

Grant:  Awesome! Now, some of the results.  What are some of the results that you have seen so far here?

Mohit:  I found that my core strength, my stability, and my posture have all really improved. I feel bigger.

Grant:  In a good way though, in a good way.

Mohit:  Yes, in a good way.

Grant:  He means muscle.

Mohit:  Yes, and just the general all around fitness level, I feel like I am in a better place than when I started.

Grant:  Now, how have you managed to cope with sciatica while still being in training here?

Mohit:  Well, like I said, a correct form and not over doing it. When Grant tells me drop down the next set, use some lighter weights—I have got someone observing me and telling me that maybe I am doing too much. You do not get that at a gym. There is no one to impress here really, so you do what Grants says and it usually works out.

Grant:  Thanks man. Last question, what would you say to someone who is skeptical about coming to train here?

Mohit:  I would say give the 2 week free trial a go, because like with anything you come in with some level of skepticism, but speaking with Grant and observing how the group training works and just talking to others in the gym, you see that he really knows his stuff, and he is able to communicate it really well.

The gym is always changing and improving, which I really like. Grant himself keeps abreast of all the training that trainers need to do themselves, and I feel that he is open with that knowledge he receives, and I feel like there is value for money there and that I am getting up-to-date information.

Grant:  That is awesome.  Thank you so much Mohit. I appreciate it.

Mohit:  My pleasure.

Grant:  Guys, if you want to check out the rest of my training facility click the 14 day trial banner below. Apart from that, we will speak to you soon.

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