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The Biggest Fairy Tale in The Fitness Community

This is a blog post by Personal trainer Ringwood expert, Grant Lofthouse

Why the whole ‘no pain, no gain’ workout regimes and extremely low carb diets will NOT lead to PERMANENT weight loss results.

If you’ve been killing yourself in the gym and following all the experts advice to stay on a strict diet regime, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Cutting all the carbs…

… Avoiding the fruit.

… The endless cardio.

… The 90 minute gym sessions… it goes on and on.

Sure you’ll get some immediate results.

But why do most people fail to hold onto their results permanently despite all the hard work of hustling and grinding in the gym and kitchen?

I’ll answer that in a sec, let me just tell you a quick story…

Last Saturday I was training with some mates at my gym (we train together every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) and at the end of the session we got onto the topic of permanent weight loss results and why it’s so hard to come by for most people.

You see, they had offered a friend of theirs some advice because she had really ‘blown out’.

The advice was pretty standard – cut carbs, train hard and exercise every day.

Their friend took the information, put it into work and smashed it out and within 3 weeks had lost about 5-7 kilos.

She was over the moon since she had been trying on and off for the previous 6 months and had only lost 2 kilos.

But when my friends ran into her last week and asked her how the training was going she brushed it off and said she’s not doing it anymore, life got too busy, and she’s gained all the weight back on.

My mates were baffled.

They couldn’t understand why someone would fall off the wagon when they are seeing results.

I told them it’s because of the experience.

Yes, cutting carbs and smashing yourself in the gym every day is an effective method to lose weight BUT it’s a terrible experience.

And once you realise that what you had to do to achieve your goal was horrendous, painful, time sensitive and something that you wouldn’t want to voluntarily repeat again… that is when you fall off the wagon and go back to your old ways.

With this being my 8th year of helping people transform their body, health and fitness I’ve learnt that the #1 key to staying on the wagon is the experience and the 2nd key is patience.

I can guarantee you that if you…

  1. Can find an enjoyable experience in losing weight.
  2. Don’t see your goal as 4, 6 or 12 week challenge and avoid checking the scales every day.

You WILL stay on the wagon and hold onto your results… PERMANENTLY.

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