Personal Trainers in Rowville Don’t Like This Interview

Hey what’s up, Grant here, before I get into the interview with my client Tom, I wanted to let you know that other personal trainers in Rowville weren’t happy with this interview because Tom gives them a bit of a negative review…

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Grant: Hey! Grant here from Cardio Haters Training. I’ve got another client here. This is Tom. He has been with me for about 4 months now, I am just going to ask him a few questions for anything that you are all sort of considering. So Tom, why did you want a personal trainer in the beginning?

Tom: Basically, I wanted just a bit of an extra push. Find out more about the fitness industry. Different ways to train, because other ways did not seem to work at all at the gym previously before that. I just needed to know how to achieve my goals.

Grant: The cool thing I think you mentioned to me about 2 months ago—can you just tell them why you chose me as opposed to just a other personal trainers in Rowville?

Tom: Well, I had seen a lot of personal trainers in Rowville come out of their personal training course, and being thrown into gyms, same training with other clients, they would lose attention while training, they would let technique slide. They would basically be there just to push the clients to lift as much weight as possible, so that they would be as sore as possible, as tired as possible, so it felt like they had been doing the best workout ever.

Grant: Okay, so then what have you noticed as different in here as opposed to the personal training session that would be at the gym?

Tom: Grant thinks more in a long-term sense. He will push you so that you will absolutely knock your body in the training session, but the day after you train, you won’t be completely tired. You will be able to move, you will be able to perform daily activities without being in constant pain from training.

Grant: What do you think are the benefits of that as opposed to being sore for 3 or 4 days?

Tom:  When you come to Grant you come here for a long-term gain.

Grant: What would you say the benefits are of not being sore for say 3 or 4 days?

Tom: Well, it does not become a burden upon daily activities, and by the time your next training session comes around you are able to perform 100% again.

Grant: Okay, let’s talk about results. So, what have you achieved so far?

Tom: I have lost roughly 6 kilos just in 4 months that I have been here. I have seen quite a large increase in muscle mass in both my shoulders and legs, but I have been gaining muscle mass while losing weight.

Grant: It’s that unfamiliar area of losing body fat while gaining muscle, because it is not really achieved quite well, but you think that you have to a certain degree?

Tom: Yes, I feel like I have maintained a lot of muscle mass in different areas that I used to train with quite heavy weights. I haven’t been specifically targeting those areas, but I haven’t been losing any muscle mass or strength in those areas.

Grant: Beautiful. Last question, what would you say to someone who is skeptical about coming to training here?

Tom: Read his blogs, you will realize pretty quickly that he knows what he is talking about. You have got a 2 week free trial, so if you are not convinced after a your 2 weeks you can leave, but I can tell you now that you will continuing with him.

Grant: Beautiful, thank you very much.

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