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What Rick Ross Can Teach You About Health & Fitness

This is a blog post by Personal Training Boronia expert, Grant Lofthouse

I was watching a video last night on YouTube about Rick Ross, the overweight rapper, taking up healthy lifestyle.

In one scene he was making a big deal about Kale – the vegetable – stating that he hated the taste.

So his chef would secretly put the Kale in his omelet and salads and Rick would eat it without any dramas.

Eventually he found out what the ‘secret ingredient’ was (the Kale) and now he loves it and demands it to be in his meals.

So what can you take away from this story…

You’ll make a big deal out of something if you want to or not.

But it is likely that the big deal is never really a big deal.

Maybe eating 4 cups of vegetables per day is a big deal for you.

Maybe walking 4 hours per week is a big deal for you.

Or maybe drinking an extra liter of water each day is a big deal for you.

However I can assure you that your big deal is NEVER really a big deal unless you want it to be – keep that in mind.

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