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3 Nutrition Keys Most Females Have Forgotten

by Rowville personal trainer Grant Lofthouse

This list will probably sound too simple and easy to be so important to your health and nutrition.

Fact is, these are the 3 keys I start all my clients on when they first walk through my doors simply because they have probably forgotten them.

But don’t take my word for it – do the homework and you’ll find that having sufficient water intake, eating foods high in vitamins and minerals and earning your carbs will make an incredible difference in how you look and feel!

1. When You Think You’ve Drank Enough Water, Drink Some More

Good hydration is the foundation of good health.

In fact, I truly believe that the world will have a lot less health issues if they just simply drank more clean water rather than popping pills.

Your body needs water for so many vital reasons…

1. Water aids digestion and helps your body maintain the correct temperature.

2. Water is necessary for healthy skin and keeps your skin from drying out.

3. Toxic substances are eliminated from your body using water.

4. Your body needs water in order to maintain and produce healthy cells.

5. Water regulates the sodium and potassium in your body, enabling nerves and muscles to work.

The old rule of thumb has always been to drink eight 8 glasses of water a day, which I think is a great recommendation for somebody who lives in an air conditioned bubble and does not perform one ounce of exercise.

My rule of thumb is when you think you’ve drank enough water, drink some more.

And if you ever find yourself bloated and retaining water, believe it or not, the cure is to drink more water!

Your marvelous body will self-regulate by starting to shed the excess water once you begin taking in more.

2. Get Most of Your Vitamins through Food. Not Pills.

It’s common knowledge that vitamins and minerals are crucial to good health.

Unfortunately most ladies have been brainwashed into thinking that vitamins and minerals are found at your local Chemist Warehouse.

Something less well known, however, is that vitamins and minerals ingested through the food you eat can have added benefits.

Nature has arranged things so that certain vitamins need to be present with other vitamins in order to be absorbed.

In other words, most vitamins don’t work efficiently by themselves, which funny enough, is exactly what is being sold to you over the counter.

A lot of the food we eat is already complete with important nutrient combinations.

Getting your vitamin A from carrots, vitamin C from citrus fruit and calcium from dark green, leafy vegetables gives you other healthy nutritional compounds as well.

A bonus is that eating whole foods from nature provides the fiber you need to help keep your digestion regular and protect your heart.

Save your money, and invest it into buying better quality food, not pills.

3. Earn Your Carbs

“Carbs” is a buzzword these days, with so many low-carb diets promoted to ladies in the media.

When a brand new Rowvile personal training client rocks up to my door, usually somewhere along the line they have followed this kind of particular  low carb diet:

Monday: low carb

Tuesday: low carb

Wednesday: low carb

Thursday: low carb

Friday: low carb

Weekend: crash and binge

Sunday night: feel guilty, jump back on the band wagon Monday morning and repeat.

The truth is, we need carbohydrates in our diet, even if you’re trying to lose weight – they help with sleep, recovery and, most importantly, they keep you sane!

However, they need to be earned.

What I mean by ‘earned’ is if someone sits in an office 8 hours a day and walks the dog a couple times per week – their carb intake will be much different to a client of mine who owns a landscape gardening business and trains with me three times per week.

She has earned more carbohydrates than the office walker who only walks her dog a couple times per week.

Take home point is if you want to consume more carbohydrates, which is ok, you just need to justify it by moving more often.

Here’s The Bottom Line

There are a lot of factors in maintaining optimum nutrition, too many to list them all here.

Three pretty important ones, however, are taking in sufficient water, getting plenty of vitamins and minerals from your food and not a pill and earning your carbohydrates.

Start here, begin building a foundation for your good nutrition… so you can look and feel your best.

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