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A ‘Plan B’ Nutrition Secret

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Kitty cats, what’s going down? Grant Lofthouse from Rowville personal training here.

Now, I’m about to reveal to you a very secret unique snack that is an absolute lifesaver. I have never revealed this before.

I got this idea from my buddy Jason Ferruggia.

You’re going to think this is weird. You’re going to think ewww, but I can tell you it is an absolute lifesaver….

Baby food.

Now, the reason why it is fantastic is because it takes about 10 seconds to consume.

I do not need to do anything and it tastes great.

I leave a few of these bad boys in my gym. I leave a few of these bad boys in my car and these act as a Plan B.

Before the hate mail comes, by the way you can send the hate mail to, these are Plan B and what I mean by that is as life gets in the way sometimes we can go 3, 4, 5 hours without food.

Rather than you absolutely stuffing your face with chocolate bars and McDonalds, because you have not prepared that meal for whatever reason.

You can grab a couple of these, chug them down, and they are going to keep you sane for the next few more hours until you are available to have that next meal.

These do not replace your main foods.

I repeat… These DO NOT replace your main foods.

I always put priority behind planning your meals and all that sort of stuff, but again sometimes life gets in the way.

This is when this comes in and it helps you get out of that sticky situation.

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