Are you still struggling to get in shape? It's time for you to...

Love the Way You Look!


You're minutes away from discovering a personal training program in Rowville that will soon have you standing in front of the mirror saying “Wow! I look great!"

Dear Friend,

Picture yourself at the beach or pool … are you showing off a toned new figure in a sexy new bikini?

Picture yourself at the office … do you carry yourself with the quick, sure steps of someone filled with confidence?

Picture yourself out for a night on the town … do people pause to catch a glimpse of you for all the right reasons?

Now, how do you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror today?

Do you love the way you look? Or are there a couple of things you'd like to improve?

Welcome to the club.

Truth is, most of us aren't completely satisfied with our bodies. When we look into the mirror we can't get hung up on the sagging tummy … the twig-thin arms … the bulging backside.

It's awful to struggle with a negative self-image … and it spreads like a cancer affecting every part of your life, including:

- How you feel when you're with others
- How you feel when you're with your partner
- How you feel when you're at work
- It even impacts how you feel when you're alone!

Does your self-image determine your self-worth? Absolutely not!

But wouldn't it be wonderful to actually fit into the outfits you want to wear … or not fumble for some see-through excuse about why you can join your friends at the beach, again … or carry yourself with pride and confidence?

And wouldn't it be wonderful to brim with more energy, strength, and vibrancy?

Do you ever look back on your university days and sigh, “What happened to me? I used to be so full of life?”

Friend, does any of this sound familiar? I'm so sorry if it does. No one wants to struggle with negative self-image and declining health. I know you'd much rather love the way you look and have the boundless energy to tackle all of your most cherished goals.

That's why I'd like to make you an offer. Here it is: If you'll spare me just 5 minutes of your precious time to read every word of my letter to you, I'll show you how you can soon look and feel dramatically better. And best of all, you can get started today at NO RISK.

What do you say? Does that sound fair?

If it does, keep reading – I've got some wonderful news to share with you!

The “Secret” to Looking and Feeling Your Best

Let's get straight to the heart of the matter – we both know there's only one way for you to get the health and body you deserve.

And no, it's ...

- NOT a pill.

- NOT a “miracle” supplement.

- NOT a TV doctor endorsed gimmick.

- NOT the fad diet of the month.

Those are marketing ploys. Nothing more. And while they may do a good job of slimming your wallet, they won't do a damn thing to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals.

So what does work? The “secret” to looking and feeling amazing?

Exercise and healthy eating. It's as simple as that.

You're smart. You know that regular exercise and sensible eating are really the only way you're going to get the fit, toned body you crave. But ...

It's just so easy to let exercise and diet slide, isn't it?

I mean, does anyone even appreciate how busy you are?

Tell me if any of these reasonable excuses ring a bell…

- You run in one hundred different directions at once with work … so the only direction you want to run after work is straight to the couch. (Preferably with a beer and snacks in hand!)

- You're swamped 24/7 with word demands, chores around the house, family responsibilities … how on earth are you supposed to find the time to exercise?

- You have every intention of exercising before work in the morning … but even the best intentions fall apart when it's 5AM and you're just a snooze button away from another hour of precious sleep.

Like I said a moment ago, reasonable excuses.

But, reasonable or not excuses are the only thing standing between you and your fitness goals.

When you kick excuses to the curb you instantly gain the power to accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible. I'll show you what I mean in just a moment. But first, let's address one more common challenge I bet you've faced on the road to fitness: going to the gym.


Fact is, for most of us … going to the gym sucks.

- Big-box gyms tend to be crowded, loud, chaotic, and stressful … ever try to workout at a big gym after work? Yeah, so did 753 other people. Hope you have plenty of time to stand around and wait for your turn on the elliptical!

- Crowds are one thing, but trying to get in shape with Joe Bodybuilder and Mary Fitness Model glaring and snickering at you is just too much.

- No one will take a few minutes to give you pointers on how to use the machines or lift free weights without breaking your back … so you waste most of your time wandering about the gym trying (and failing) to figure things out on your own!

- You serve your time on the cardio machines … but you must be doing it wrong because the weight is still there!

But if you continue to let excuses stop you from going to the gym and getting the exercise you need … where will you be in six months or a year?

You know where, right?

Stuck with the same stubborn belly fat, same weak arms, same lack of energy.

And that's if you're lucky.

What's far more likely is that you're body and health will slide yet another year further away from where you want them to be.

Can you honestly afford to watch another year fly by without finally taking charge of your health … boosting your self-image … and firing up your energy and vitality?

Today, You Have a Chance to Do Something Amazing for Your Health

Friend, it isn't your fault that you're still struggling to reach your health and fitness goals. But it is within your power right now to change all that.

Imagine ...

Exercising in a  fun, uplifting environment … where helping you reach your weight loss and fitness goals is the #1 priority.

Having a professional trainer cheering you on who genuinely wants to see you succeed … and will support you every step of the way on that journey.

No longer wasting your time wandering through a crowded gym … because you belong to a small supportive group of like-minded folks!

How would that make you feel? Well ...

- You'd feel EMPOWERED to reach your fitness and weight loss goals, because you're working out with people who really want to help you succeed.

- You'd feel THRILLED because day after day you're gaining strength and sculpting a trim, attractive body that looks amazing.

- You'd feel COMFORTABLE because you're working out in a fun, non-judgmental environment with a trainer who values you as a person, not a paycheck.

- You'd feel INSPIRED because your regaining the health and fitness of your youth.

- You'd feel PROUD because you've put in the time and effort at the gym and you can bet people will notice.

Wouldn't you love to belong to a fitness program that gave you those kinds of feelings? You'd actually look forward to going to the gym … instead of dragging yourself there like you're about to serve hard time.

I've got some exciting news. You don't have to imagine. Because that fitness program really exists!

Stop Dreaming About Reaching Your Fitness and Weight Loss Goals. Let Rowville Personal Training Help You Make Those Dreams Your Reality!

Hello, my name is Grant Lofthouse. As a Rowville personal trainer, I know what a challenge it can be to stay focused on reaching your fitness and weight loss goals. You're busy. You're got responsibilities pulling at you from a bunch of directions. It can seem downright impossible to find the time to get in shape, get rid of those few extra pounds, and build some lean muscle.

I also know what a nightmare it can be to walk around the gym on your own, wandering from one strange looking machine to the next, trying to make sense of things on your own. You see plenty of folks at the gym who look great. Heck, some of them even seem to be having fun with their workout! But no matter what you try … you can't get results. ARGH!

That's why I decided it was time for something different. A program tailor-made for busy people just like you. A program where you can exercise in a small group environment under the guidance of a trainer who is personally invested in helping you reach your goals.

It isn't easy to maintain the enthusiasm you need to reach and maintain your fitness goals. It's tough to stay focused long enough to see real lasting results. That's where I can help. I work with you to kick excuses to the curb and get your motivation locked down. That way you can see your goals clearly and constantly be making progress towards them.

What do your personal fitness goals look like?

- Do you have a vacation coming up and want feel confident in your new swimsuit?

- Do you want to slip back into a favorite “little black dress”?

- Do you want to restore the strength and vitality of your youth?

Whatever your goals are, I can help you reach them.

Here’s What You'll Get When You Join Personal Training Rowville Today!

Our personal training program in Rowville is a fitness program for REAL people who want REAL results.

You won't endure hours on a treadmill, racing like a hamster in a wheel till you crumple over in a sweaty heap. You won't have a drill sergeant trainer barking out orders into your face like you're a soldier in boot camp. You won't have a bunch of ego-fueled people around you parading their “perfect” bodies around.

Instead, you'll get a “total body” fitness program that provides you with the tools, techniques, and motivation you need to reach your goals – a lot faster than you probably imagine!

Here’s a sample of what awaits you when you join me in Rowville Personal Training:

Energetic, engaging workouts that produce results … and are actually fun to do!

  • Energetic, engaging workouts that produce results … and are actually fun to do.
  • A supportive, small group setting with plenty of room to exercise and no muscle-head egomaniacs making you feel intimidated or pressured.
  • A nutrition program designed for the real world that will help you keep your appetite in check, lose weight, and build a lean, fit body.
  • Individual attention from a Rowville personal trainer who knows his stuff! (And has the years of experience and advanced certifications to prove it)
  • A workout experience so energizing and inspiring, you'll leave looking forward to your next training session.

I’ve helped a ton of people just like you transform their bodies and their lives with my unique, proven approach to training. Here are just a few of their success stories. Let's make yours next!

Results can vary. Clients work their butts off to achieve great results.

Sue D

53, Mum

"My old clothes just hang on me now"

Rachit G

29, Accountant

"I've lost 9 kilos and 32 cm's in only 5 weeks"

Results may vary. Our clients work their butts off to achieve these results.

Results may vary. Our clients work their butts off to achieve these results.

Catriona P

Mum, Nurse

"I've lost 6 kilos plus!"

Matt S

37, Business Owner

"I've lost 6 kilos in 3 weeks"

Results may vary. Our clients work their butts off to achieve these results.

Results may vary. Our clients work their butts off to achieve these results.

Laura D

26, Entrepreneur

"I've lost 5 kilos, and 3 dress sizes"

Imagine This: You Hit the Beach in a Sexy New Bikini. Heads Turn. They Haven't Seen You Since Before You Joined Personal Training Rowville. And Look At You Now!

If you're looking to coast your way to a fit, fabulous body … Rowville Personal Training probably isn't for you. We work hard, no doubt about it . And we have a lot of fun while we're at it!

But reaching your fitness and weight loss goals is about far more than seeing who can put in the most hours at the gym. My personal training in Rowville takes a complete approach – body and mind – to fitness because that's the quickest and most effective way to help you reach your goals.

You’ll soon discover:

  • How to cultivate and tap into the power of a “YES” mindset so you can get 100% out of every minute of your training.
  • How to burn fat off your body and get the trim, sexy figure you crave ... without the need for endless cardio sessions.
  • A nutritional plan customized for your body and your personal goals, so you can enjoy rapid lean muscle gains and banish those extra pounds forever.
  • How a few researched, proven workout techniques can help you double your results in half the time.
  • How the support of your fellow group members can keep you focused on and motivated to get the body and health you deserve.
  • And so much MORE!

And best of all, you won't be forced to spend every free minute at the gym. You're not going to have to live at the gym or huff and puff through 3-hour workout sessions to start seeing real progress FAST!

As a matter of fact, you're only going to need to put in a handful of hours each week. Can you carve out enough time to attend two to four 45-minute sessions a week? That's less time than most people spend plopped down in front of the TV after work every day.

And that’s all the time you'll need to transform your body and achieve the kinds of results that most people (the one sitting on the couch in front of the TV after work) can only dream about!

Together We Can Help You Look and Feel Better Than You Ever Dreamed Possible!

When you're considering a fitness training program, how important is it that you feel completely at ease with your trainer? INCREDIBLY important.

If you're uncomfortable with your trainer, if you feel like he or she doesn't get where you're coming from, then how can you expect to have a positive experience? You can't.

I know and have worked with a lot of personal trainers. Most of these men and women are great people. But I have a serious concern about many of the personal trainers I know. And if you're like most of my clients, this is a concern you share.

You see, most trainers are genetically gifted – it's like they've won the genetic lottery. They can look in the general direction of a gym and – pop! – six pack abs. These trainers – most of whom mean well – simply don't understand the struggles and frustrations you've put up with for years.

My story is different. I didn't get lucky when it comes to genetics. I didn't win the genetics jackpot. The scientific term for my body type is “ectomorphic”. The layman's term is real damn scrawny.

The gains that I've made in the gym came at the cost of a LOT of hard work. Believe me, I know what it's like to struggle to meet your fitness goals.

One of the reasons I became a personal trainer is because I know how tough it is for regular guys and gals to achieve amazing results at the gym. I am that regular guy. That's why I wanted to take a different approach to fitness programs than what you're probably used to from the big-box gyms.

And what I discovered incredible. When clients trained in my fitness program they didn't get the same results as people over at the big gyms … they blew those results out of the water! My very first client lost 19kg of weight in only 12 weeks!

But that's not all …

A knee injury from when I played football as a teenager meant traditional cardio wasn't in the cards for me. My knees couldn't handle it. And I know I'm not the only one for whom high-intensity cardio is a recipe for disaster.

It didn't happen overnight. And it required hundreds of hours of research and years of personal experience … but I eventually discovered and perfected a system that makes it possible for people to lose weight and keep it off, without the need for hours and hours of cardio!

That's what makes Rowville Personal Training unlike any other fitness program you may have tried before. When you join today you'll get a proven, strategic system to help you QUICKLY lose weight, build lean muscle, and restore energy and vitality, without:

- Hour after endless hour of boring cardio

- Excruciating workout sessions that leave your muscles screaming in pain but don't get you any closer to the figure you desire

- Expensive fad diets, TV doctor endorsed “miracle” supplements, and a medicine cabinet full of pills

- Huge group workouts where you don't get individual attention, guidance, or support

And, of course, you’re getting access to a personal trainer who has the experience, understanding, and proven track record to help you reach your goals. Lots of people talk a big game. But talk is cheap. I have the certifications, experience, and accomplishments to back up the bold claims I've made to you today. See for yourself:

- Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) Level 2 instructor (only 1 of 15 in Australia).

- Functional Movement Screen (FMS) instructor.

- Primal Move instructor.

- Progressive Calisthenics Instructor.

- Former “weight training guru” for Australia’s Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine.

- Over 5,000 YouTube subscribers with over 850,000 channel views .

I'm not telling you any of this to brag. The reason I'm telling you this is because I know how important it is to you that you finally reach your weight loss and fitness goals. You deserve to know you're partnering with a trainer who can help you race towards those goals.

You've read this far for a reason. You're eager to look and feel better than ever and you're hopeful that, together, we can make that happen for you. But maybe you're still hesitant. I understand.

Grant (middle) Working With D & D From x Factor and YouTube

So to help you make your decision to say “YES” an easy one, I'd like to present you with a very special offer:

Register Today And You Can Try Rowville Personal Training FREE for 14 Days!

If you've ever stepped foot inside one of the big-box gyms, you know how it goes. You get handed a stack of forms and sign your name on the dotted line. Now you're locked into paying monthly membership dues.

But what happens if you join, go to the gym a couple of time and give it an honest try, only to decide this gym isn't a great fit for you? Well, you've paid up front for a month of membership, 3 months, 6 months or even more – and now you're not planning to use it. Do you think the gym is going to offer a refund? Not likely.

The truth is, these big-box gyms are first and foremost a business. And you contribute to their bottom line. I'm not saying there aren't good people in these establishments – there are; I've met plenty of them – but by the very nature of the big-box gym business model you're a revenue source first, and a person after that.

I don't think that's right.

I think you deserve the opportunity to try a training program out … before you make a financial commitment. I think you deserve the right to say “Thanks, but not thanks” and go your own way without an enormous financial burden.

That's why I decided to put together a special deal that is as uncommon as a unicorn here in the fitness industry. I'm extending to you a personal invitation to experience Rowville Personal Training absolutely FREE for 14 days.

No risk. No obligation.

Come see what people are buzzing about. Discover what it’s like to have a trainer in your corner who values you as a person, not a paycheck. See what a difference it makes to exercise in a small group setting with like-minded people who, like you, are working hard to improve their lives … and are there to help you improve yours!

What if at the end of those 2 weeks you decide that Rowville Personal Training just isn't for you? That's okay. We can part as friends and the door is always open if you decide to come back later.

But based upon past experiences, I'm confident you'll be shocked and pleased by how much you can accomplish in just 14 days … and you'll be excited about including this fitness program into your weekly routine!

Why dilly-dally and waste time when it comes to getting the body and health you deserve – claim your 14-day free trial now!


Act Now and You Can Join RISK-FREE Thanks to My 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

There are more than a few folks in the local fitness industry who scoff at the idea of giving away a 14-day free trial membership to Rowville Personal Training. It’s just not “business as usual” for this industry. They think I’m crazy. Let ’em talk. But even that amazing deal wasn’t enough for me.

That’s because I don’t want any of my clients to have to settle for merely “satisfied”. Let’s save the mediocrity of “satisfied” for shopping at chain department stores and watching network TV. What we’re talking about here is nothing less you achieving your most cherished weight loss and fitness goals.

Just satisfied? Forget it.

I want you to be absolutely thrilled.

That’s why I’m putting a cherry on this offer to make it even sweeter. Here’s the deal …

In the unlikely event that you’re not completely THRILLED by the results you achieve with Rowville Personal Training … simply let me know within the first 60 days, and I’ll courteously refund every dime you invested into this program!

Why am I doing this?

It’s simple really.

I WANT you to achieve your goals. I want you to be able to gaze into the mirror at your new, sexy body and say to yourself, “I’ve can’t believe this is me!” I want you to have the energy and vitality to run around with your kids, enjoy more of what life has to offer, and wake up in the morning with a smile stretched from ear to ear.

Is that what YOU want too?


Nothing Happens Until You Take Action

This letter opened with you standing in front of a mirror. Let's return to that image.

Picture yourself standing in front of your hall mirror. As you gaze at your reflection feelings of satisfaction, confidence, and pride surge within you. And why not?  You deserve to take pride in the healthy, strong, sexy person you've become.

You're thrilled that you now have the energy to get more done all day long, when most of the folks around you sputter, slow, and grind to a halt by midday.

You feel in complete control of your health.

Friend, if you want to do more than imagine this scenario … I urge you not to let this opportunity slip like water through your grasp … reach out and claim your 14-day free trial membership to Rowville Personal Training. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and you've already pictured what you stand to gain!

It's decision time.

At this moment you're presented with two different choices you can make. On the one hand, you can choose to exit this page and return to your day-to-day routine … but then what? Is that routine delivering the results you want? On the other hand, you can reach out and grab this exclusive offer … and take a MAJOR step towards achieving the body and health you've always wanted.

Two choices. But only one is going to move your life forward.

Click the button below and get started with Rowville Personal Training now!


To Your Health,

Grant Lofthouse

Rowville Personal Trainer


P.S.: Two weeks of personal training at most gyms is going to run you $200 or more. But if you act now and claim your free 14-day trial offer it won't cost you a penny. I don't know about you, but that seems like a pretty good deal to me! All you need to do is click the button below to claim your free 14-day trial.

P.P.S.: Believe me, when you look and feel your best everything is better in life. It's like going from black and white to Ultra Hi-Definition. Just a night and day difference. And while I'd like to offer this free 14-day trial forever so everyone who is interested can take advantage of it, I simply can't. In order to keep training classes small (so you get the individual attention you deserve), I can only let a small number of people claim this offer. If you stop to “think it over”, your spot will go to someone else. Don't miss out. Click the button below and register now!

Frequently Asked Questions...

When are the sessions? +

Monday & Wednesday 5.15, 6.00, 6.45 & 7.30 PM

Tuesday & Thursday 6.15 AM

*All sessions run for 45 minutes

Is this 1 on 1 or group training? +

Semi private training.

The atmosphere created from semi private sessions will uplift and motivate you to a level that's rare in a 1 on 1 situation.

And don't worry - you won't be thrown in a group with 30+ people where you feel just like another number.

We keep the groups small enough so you still receive the personal attention you deserve.

Where are you located? +

14a Thomas Street Ferntree Gully

Yes, I know the site says Rowville but we have moved to a new facility 5 minutes down the road.

How much does it cost after the 14 days? +

You can stay on board for just 55 per week.

You see, we don’t charge per session because both you and I know that it takes a lot more than a couple of PT sessions per week to take your body and fitness to the next level.

If you’re looking for a cheap boot camp workout, we’re not it.

But if you're looking for a unique personal training experience - one that will give you long lasting results then you know what to do 🙂