She Jumped Straight Into The Deep End

Meet our client of the month, Jess.

In the short time that Jess has been training with us, we have seen her achieve some amazing results.

To put things into perspective, Jess juggles working odd hours and shift work.  This alone would deter many from training, but not Jess.  She makes time for herself by training around her work commitments.

She often shows up to training running on very little sleep after a 12-hour shift, but no one would ever question her motivation because she brings with her a positive attitude, and gives 110% effort every time.

One of Jess’ most admirable qualities is the fact that she jumps straight into the deep end with no questions asked. 

She is super focused, she knows exactly what she wants, and she isn’t going to allow anything to get in her way.

Jess is supportive of all of her training partners and can regularly be heard cheering them on, pushing them to get through at least one more rep, and never letting them give up.  She has truly become a valued and much loved member of the CHT family.

For these reasons, Jess has been honoured as our Client of the Month.

We wish Jess good luck on her overseas adventure next year, and look forward to hearing all about it.

We are really proud of her!

Congrats, Jess.

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