She Never Complains About Anything

IMG_4072Meet our client of the month, Steph.

Since Steph began training with us, we have seen her body, strength and mindset go from strength to strength.

One of Steph’s most admirable qualities is the fact that she never gives up and she exudes positive energy each and every session.

She never complains about anything; she simply turns up with a positive attitude, gives it her best effort and gets the job done.

Recently, when one of her training partners was struggling to complete the finisher, Steph cheered her on and refused to let her give up. In fact, she joined in whilst out of breath and during her rest time to ensure that she completed it.

2016 is the year that Steph has decided she is going to become an ‘aflete’ and everyone else is coming along for the ride.

To clarify – an ‘aflete’, in Steph’s words, is an athlete that isn’t training for any particular event or sport, but is training to get the best possible results both physically and mentally.

Steph regularly reminds everyone at the gym that everything is possible now that they are all ‘afletes’ and that giving up is not an option.

She can often be heard saying, ‘You’re an aflete now, go up in weight and give it a go!’

For these reasons and many more, Steph has been honoured as our Client of the Month.

We are really proud of her!

Congrats, #aflete Steph!

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