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The 3 Phases to a CHT Workout

This is a blog post by Boronia Personal Training expert Grant Lofthouse


As mention in the video – here’s the link where you can get access to the Strong Curves workout program.

I’m going to reveal to you the 3 phases I use when putting together a training program for my 6 Week Fitness Solution clients.

Why am I doing this?

I accepted a new girl into the 6 Week Fitness Solution program the other week.

During her first session there was an immediate disagreement in the way we put together our programs.

We just weren’t on the same page unfortunately

I thought we were because there’s a decent application process to get into our program.

(We do this to sift through the tire kickers so our members only hang around self-motivated and positive people).

But I guess she slipped through the cracks.

Anyways, I cancelled her membership and we parted ways with no hard feelings.

I don’t want to put myself through that situation again, and that’s why I’m doing this video…

… to help you understand how I put our programs together – in case at any stage you’re thinking of joining The 6 Week Fitness Solution…

… and you’ll also learn the 3 phases for your own workouts – which I reveal all in the video above.

Alternatively, you could just have me take care of all the guess work for you…

… I have a done-for-you strength program called Strong Curves.

It’s for girls who love to lift and want to build a strong, fit and athletic hourglass figure – so not skinny or thin (there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just not who the program is for).

It’s 100% free on the house as a way of saying thank you for visiting my site.

To get access to the Strong Curves workout program simply click here.

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