You DON’T Have A Motivation Problem

I was talking with one of my girls the other day about our Case Study Program.

I asked her about her situation to see if I could help.

She said, “Grant, I don’t have the motivation right now, like I’m not in the right mindset.”

That’s what she felt her issue was.

Yet, once we actually dug a little bit deeper it turns out that wasn’t the issue at all, it was actually her model.

Her model was setting her up for failure, as a result she was blaming her motivation; she thought she had a mindset issue.

Imagine an AFL football match, or any sporting event with a wining and losing team.

Now before the game begins the coaches will give their team a little motivational speech.

Fast forward to the end of the game where there’s a loser and a winner.

The winning team did not win because they received a more motivating speech from their coach.

The team won because they had a better model. They had a better game plan than the losing team, that’s why they won.

It’s the same situation for you.

I could send a motivating email or video and get you fired up.

But if your training and nutrition model is broken, you still won’t achieve the body transformation results that you want.

If you can find a full-proof system that allows you to progress, you’ll never need to worry about motivation or mindset ever again.

Model beats mindset every single time.

Talk soon,


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